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Use the order links below, and feel free to email us at We will invoice via Paypal but also accept cryptocurrency for payment.


Using your Farmer and Pool Public Keys we create K32 Chia plots in our datacenter. You can use our drives or send us your own!


We will notify you of the secure means by which to obtain your plots within 24 hrs of your order.


Below are some basics. Many more answers can be found here: FAQ PAGE

How do you plot for Chia?

We generate K32 Chia plots in our datacenter using your Farmer Public Key (farmer_pk) and Pool Public Key (pool_pk). There is no need to send your private key or address! Using our powerful 24+ core machines and NVME drives your plots will be ready at a moment's notice.

Where do I obtain my farmer and pool public keys?

This is depends on your operating system. If you need help finding them please send us an email and we will send detailed instructions on what we need to get you started.

Network Speeds

We will be provisioning this service in an enterprise tier datacenter. Download speed and bandwidth is not an issue for us.

What payment options do you have?

2Checkout is a credit card payment method available through the order links above. We can also invoice through Paypal. We also accept checks and cryptocurrency.

Is my device in a secure data center?

Yes! All equipment is locked in individual cabinets in our round-the-clock, closely monitored data center. The entrance to the facility is protected by electronic access controls and a man trap. Power is generator- and UPS-backed, and we have redundant, diverse network connectivity via our BGP-enabled routers.

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